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Wake up in the morning, get dressed, have a half-decent breakfast, run off to work, then come home with just enough time to do some household chores and make dinner; how many of you can relate to this? With the amount of free time on our hands slowly disappearing with a fast-changing lifestyle and busy schedules, it’s hard to blame anyone for the dust collecting on their gym membership cards. So what’s the alternative? If you’re eager to stay in shape but have no time or energy to drive through traffic to get to the gym, what you desperately need is a home gym. With all the equipment you need right where you are, you’re less likely to make excuses to exercise because it’s just too convenient. What’s more, when you have your own home gym, you can exercise while you watch TV or listen to music, or even get in a quick workout while dinner is cooking!

If you’re excited enough about joining the home gym club, you will find these recommended home gym systems of great assistance in choosing the ideal one for you. Have a look at the best home gyms currently available:

What are the Major Advantages of owning a Home Gym?

#1. It’s the Economical Choice

When you join a gym, you are sometimes inclined to pay for services that are of no use to you. What’s worse is that you may not even use your membership half the time but end up paying for it anyway. Many of you may be reluctant to spend money on a home gym system because they cost more when compared to a gym membership. But bear in mind, the monthly membership you pay (and rarely make use of) puts more of a strain on your wallet in the long run. Let’s not forget the fuel money you save on not having to drive to a gym. A home gym is a one-time investment that’ll allow you to get in a good workout, everyday!

#2. Full Fitness Workout

A complete body workout is a necessity to reach your fit-best and lead a healthier lifestyle. Compared to the amount of time and countless workouts it would take at the gym to really work your entire body, home gyms can do everything for you in a much shorter time frame, including working out your legs, arms, chest, shoulders, back and abdominals. All this with just one, compact machine. To get quicker results and kick-start your healthy lifestyle journey, be sure to keep a healthy diet and a regular exercise regime.

#3. No Prying Eyes on You

The gym is crawling with people who are not always focused on what they’re doing, but like to see what everyone else is up to. This makes working out quite uncomfortable and hard to focus. Moreover, your confidence is not at an all-time high when you’re constantly comparing your body or progress with other gym members. A home gym provides all the privacy you need, allowing you to feel right at home (because you are), wear the clothes you’re most comfortable in, play the music you like, and do the exercises you need to. No one to judge you; it’s just you and your fitness goals to focus on.

How To Choose The Right Home Gym

A home gym should be chosen with a couple of considerations in mind:

-Space at home
-Prior weight training experience
-Fitness goals

All these factors will come zooming to mind when it’s time to pick the ideal workout system for you. Read on as I put these factors into perspective and help you understand what exercise machine you need to buy.

Do You Have A Budget?

While most of you will be on a budget, some of you may be willing to spend as much as it takes to get the best workout machine to help you get in to shape. We’ll discuss affordability in a bit.

Room For A Home Gym

Although the recommended exercise systems are quite compact and shouldn’t have trouble fitting into a small area in your home, it’s always a good idea to measure the availability of space in which you’d like to place the machine. This will ensure that it’s not a very tight fit and save you the hassle of moving the machine around should it not fit in the desired spot.

Have You Done Weight Training Before?

For those just getting into fitness versus those who were once power lifters, the requirements are definitely different. With that in mind we ask…

What Fitness Goals Are You Aiming For?

Are you looking to pack on some muscle, get toned or just lose weight? You may even be interested in building strength and stamina without much focus on anything else. Whatever the case may be, make sure you have a clear fitness goal in mind that you won’t change if the going gets tough. If you alter your goals after purchasing a suitable machine, your home gym may not be of much use to you anymore. That’s where you’ll lose your motivation and most of your investment. So stick to your fitness goals, your exercise machine and your routine.

For Bulking Out And Strength Building

Packing on a couple pounds of muscle or mass muscle requires a home gym system that comes with a high level of resistance. In this case, don’t go for the Weider Total Body Works which concentrates on body weight more than muscle. With up to 330 lbs of resistance, the clear winner to achieve these particular fitness goals is the Gold’s Gym XR55. Bear in mind, this machine is meant for the serious body builder. Anyone with little experience in weight lifting should stay clear of this one.

In terms of utility, design and resistance, the Gold’s Gym XR55 is quite a bargain deal. It has multiple exercises to carry you through years of workouts, keeping you fit and focused. This one is a must-have for the body builder.

For Getting Trim And Toned

The Bowflex PR1000 is a good option for those who are less concerned with bulking out and strength building, but rather looking to get toned and slim down. The machine has a resistance of 210 lbs (not controlled by weights), with over 30 capable exercises.

Second on the list for putting on a little muscle as you tone up is the Weider Ultimate Body Works. This machine is built to go up to 50 lbs above the user’s weight, with a low weight resistance that is best suited for intense workouts. It is very similar to The Total Body Gym, just much cheaper and more effective for toning up. If you’re still a little skeptical, visit Amazon and check the reviews; you’ll find over 400 reviews written while the product holds a rating of more than 4 stars. Bear in mind that it is quite rare to find gym equipment with a rating of 4 and above on Amazon as customers score these products poorly if they don’t know how to use the machines properly.

For Serious Weight Lifters Only

Although there are many options to choose from, I can’t help but recommend the Gold’s Gym XR55 for its lifting capabilities, number of exercises and of course, its 330 lbs of weight resistance. The amount of varied exercises, coupled with this kind of resistance is rare to find in an exercise machine nowadays.

Options For Beginners

If you’re a beginner, you’ll need a machine that is not meant for very strenuous workouts. For that, the Body-Solid StrengthTech is a favorite. This system offers a varied amount of weight resistance which is perfect for beginners who are looking to gradually switch to a healthy lifestyle. The Body-Solid StrengthTech has many basic exercises that allow beginners to better understand how each workout tones the body. It is rather on the expensive side so if it falls outside of your budget, consider the Bowflex PR1000 as a substitute. It is user-friendly and comes with many basic and intermediate exercises.

And there you have it, the best home gyms for different fitness goals. I highly recommend that you follow my advice if you want to ensure that you’re exercising the right and safe way. If you have any questions or skepticism of my advice, feel free to leave a comment and let me know! I wouldn’t want any proven errors on my website to remain as is; so don’t hesitate to point them out (if you find any). Lastly, it would mean a great deal to me if you would like and share my page with others to help grow my website ! Thank you.
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