ProForm Performance 600i Review

I particularly like treadmills – they are incredibly useful in any training regime. I’ve used them a lot with clients over the years, especially with those with joint problems and those overcoming obesity. Power walking, or even light jogging (joints permitting) can represent an effective, sustainable way to improve lower body muscle mass, cardiovascular health, and daily caloric deficits for those who need to lose weight.

However, it can be hard to pick the right treadmill for your home gym setup. It can be hard to find one to suit your budget.

When in doubt, ProForm are generally a good bet. They make a wide range of high-quality, often (but not always!) pricey treadmills that deliver a great deal of utility.

ProForm’s Performance 600i is one of their more affordable treadmill options (relatively speaking of course!). It is a great home-gym option for anyone. Despite being so cost-effective, it doesn’t scrimp on add-ons and features – you get things like a 10” HD touchscreen, iFit membership, and a fantastic, high-end motor (with very good 25-year warranty), all with decent change from a thousand dollars.

It does everything that a treadmill of its type should do, slightly better than most of its competitors, at a very, very reasonable price point.

ProForm Performance 600i Unboxing

Assembly isn’t too bad with the 600i. Though you get a pretty intimidating, and obviously heavy, box, you should be able to have the treadmill up and running (no pun intended) within a couple of hours with a bit of help from a friend.

ProForm Performance 600i Treadmill World-Class Personal Training in The Comfort of Your Home The desk and motors are put together with the front of the machine, simplifying everything a great deal – you only really need to connect the vertical posts to the console. The instructions are detailed, yet clear.

Once it’s up and put together, the first thing you’ll notice about the 600i is its size – it’s a bit of a beast. With 55” of running room, and at a total of around 80” in length and 37” in width, it will need a lot of space given over to it in your home

The second thing you’ll notice about the 600i is its superlative design and build quality. It is robust and well put together, with an impressive top user weight of 325lbs. This shows when you put it into place – it feels like it can take any amount of punishment.

It isn’t all heft, however. The frame itself is surprisingly sleek and elegant looking, with a lovely black and chrome finish, a very neat console and tablet holder, and no extended arms, sacrificing a little safety and utility for a feeling of openness.

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ProForm Performance 600i Features & Specs

As above, the 600i gives you a lot for your money. There are plenty of features and specs designed to enrich your workouts and make your training that much more achievable.

For starters, let’s look at the size. As above, the 600i isn’t small. Nor is it light. However, it’s fully foldable. You can use the convenient SpaceSaver design to make it easy to fit a treadmill in your home. EasyLift Assist helps you fold the deck up and out of the way, whilst transport wheels make it fully portable. You’ll need to make sure you have plenty of room in which to set it up, but when you’re done, the 600i is actually pretty unobtrusive.ProForm Performance 600i Treadmill World-Class Personal Training in The Comfort of Your Home

You also get a year’s free subscription with iFit Coach, which means that you’ll have access to hundreds of classes and personal trainer run sessions, alongside 22 different workout apps. This is particularly handy for beginners who otherwise might struggle to know how to hit their targets and keep their training varied.

The Proform 600i runs off a very good, 2.5CHP motor which runs almost silently with a smooth tread. It can take you from 0.5 to 10mph (around 0.8 to 16kph), with an automatic incline of up to 10%, giving you plenty of options for varying intensity.

You’ll be safe and comfortable at any intensity, too, thanks to the shock absorption system, consisting of four ProShox shock absorbers. These will protect your joints, and thus make the 600i perfect for anybody with any joint concerns. As above, the belt is 55 inches long, which is generous and should accommodate even the tallest of athletes’ gait. It’s 18 inches wide, which is plenty to work with. It even has a CoolAire workout fan, for added comfort.

Combine these with its weight capacity of 300lb and you have a perfect machine for anybody looking to shed a few pounds without their excess weight damaging their joints or getting uncomfortable.

The 600i also comes with EKG grip pulse. Its display – through which you can access its iFit capabilities – shows all the usual metrics you would want, including heart rate, calories burned, speed, time spent training and so on.

ProForm offer a 10-year frame warranty, with 2 years on parts and 1 on labor.

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ProForm Performance 600i In Testing

As you might expect given these specs, there is a lot to unpack when using the 600i. Not that it’s a complicated machine to use – it’s not. In fact, it’s simple, straightforward and incredibly intuitive. However, the added bang you get from all these little details makes for something quite special.

ProForm Performance 600i Treadmill World-Class Personal Training in The Comfort of Your Home It’s not an unusual amount of kit, let’s be clear. Many treadmills come with these kinds of bells and whistles. However, I wouldn’t usually be expecting to write about them in conjunction with a machine that is so well built and yet so well priced. It’s a bit of a steal, really.

You get very good quality for a very good price.

That motor is terrific. At 2.5CHP, it gives you all the power you would ever need for anything from a light walk to a fast, hard run. It also runs near silently. This is a big deal in any piece of home cardio equipment. Home kit needs to give utility, of course, but it also needs to be easy and practical to live with, for you and those around you. A lack of noise is therefore essential – you can happily use this whilst the kids sleep, your partner watches TV undisturbed, and your neighbors carry on oblivious.

The shock absorption is also very good, in the form of its ProShox cushioning. Most treadmills above a certain price come with this kind of system, otherwise you would feel like you were running barefoot on concrete, so shock absorption is to be expected, not applauded. However, it is still a great system and leads to a very comfortable running experience.

Similarly, the 600i comes with 22 workout apps and iFit capability.

Now, don’t get too excited about iFit. It’s great, but it’s expensive, and you don’t get it free with any piece of cardio equipment. You have to pay a monthly subscription (a not insignificant one, at that). However, at least you get the first year for free with the 600i, so you’ll know what you’re buying into should you wish to continue.ProForm Performance 600i Treadmill World-Class Personal Training in The Comfort of Your Home

The 22 apps, all fairly standard, nevertheless combine with everything else to enhance your training experience. Whether you’re looking to improve your endurance, your cardiovascular capability, or your daily caloric deficit, there will be a program here that will suit you.

ProForm also make quite a big deal out of their SpaceSaver technology and EasyLift assist. Fair enough, it’s good stuff. It’s all a little standard – it means that the 600i is a folding treadmill, and that it does it quite well – but, again, it’s a very good version of what can otherwise be an average set of systems.

The overarching feeling with the 600i is that you’re getting something that many other companies deliver – space saving technology, a decent console with a range of programs, a decently powerful yet quiet engine, a smooth tread with good shock absorption – but tuned up to a degree in quality that is hard to quantify by specs alone. It is gestalt – its parts work together to give you something far greater.

Check Latest Price Of ProForm Performance 600i


There is nothing too unique or innovative in the 600i, but there doesn’t really need to be. It’s a foldable, clever treadmill. There are dozens of direct competitors, and they all stick to a tried and tested template.

What works so well about the iFit is the manner in which they’ve achieved this template. It’s incredibly well-made, every step of the way. This all adds up to a great user experience and a fantastic workout. Then there is the price. I would quite happily recommend the 600i to anyone at $1400-$1600. The fact that it’s a little under $1000 is something else.

If you’re looking for a good quality, foldable treadmill that is easy to live with and delightful to use, and you like a bit of a bargain (and, after all, who doesn’t?), then ProForm’s Performance 600i might be just the thing for you. It really is an impressive piece of kit, very modestly priced.
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